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in suite or villa

The bins at your disposal in your Suite or Villa have 2 compartments to help you sort your waste. 

Plastic, metal, cardboard and food packaging, paper, cardboard, newspapers, magazines, etc.

Soiled paper handkerchiefs & paper towels, bathroom waste (cotton buds, razor blades, toothbrushes (non-electric) etc.), bandages and plasters...

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You are currently staying in a "Company Committed to Nature", a program supported by the French Office for Biodiversity (OFB). Terre Blanche Hotel is also in the process of obtaining the Green Key label, the first international environmental label for tourist accommodation and restaurants.


Did you know? Terre Blanche has been committed for years to eco-responsible management of its golf courses and is certified Golf for Biodiversity by the FFG in partnership with the Natural History Museum. We are also GEO certified, an international label.

1- When you brush your teeth/wash your hands/shave, turning off the water will save you about 5 liters.

2- Choose a shower over a bath. A 5-minute shower will use 3 to 4 times less water than a bath.

3- For children, adapt the volume of the bath to their morphology.

4- In the shower, turning off the water while soaping will save you nearly 30 liters of water.


Did you know? Terre Blanche is a committed partner of "Ecowatt", electricity weather for a more responsible consumption.

1- Turn off unnecessary lights.

2- Unplug your computers and chargers when they are not on.

3- Turn off the air conditioning in rooms when they are not occupied.

4- Close windows and doors when you leave your Suite/Villa.

5- Reduce the use of hot water.


Did you know? Terre Blanche recycles all of the resort's organic waste by dehydrating it to create compost that is then used on its 301 hectares.

1- The best waste is the one we do not produce.

2- 1 ton of recycled paper keeps more than 16 trees standing.

3- Sort your waste during your stay by using the trash can available for that purpose in the lounge of your Suite/Villa.

4- Drop off your batteries at the concierge/reception desk.

5- Avoid plastic packaging as much as possible.

responsible purchasing

Did you know? Terre Blanche carefully selects its suppliers and makes them sign a charter on their commitment, especially social and environmental.

1- During your vacations, be sure to buy locally.

2- Contribute to the local economy by eating good seasonal products.

3- Discover the culture and the terroir of the Pays de Fayence, as well as the sustainable activities proposed by our Clefs d'Or Concierges.

4- Prefer natural activities within the resort or  in the surroundings: golf, tennis, biking, horseback riding, hiking, visiting perched villages/wineries/local producers...

5- Limit travel by car.